Meet Dr. Arvind J. Petrie

My Path to Dentistry

“Generosity is giving more than you can, pride is taking less than you need.” — Khalil Gibran

I have always modeled my philosophy of care after this quote, but coming from a family full of engineers the shoe just didn’t fit for me. What do I want to people to know about me? I'm a local boy, born and raised. Graduated from the University of Washington and completed my doctorate of medical dentistry (DMD) at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine Went on to complete an advanced education in general dentistry (AEGD) in Spokane and returned home to found Petrie Advanced Dental.

Petrie Advanced Dental was opened in 2013 and was transitioned over from a wonderful physician, Dr. Daniel Gallacher. His sense of practice, diagnosis, and care was immediately in line with my own philosophy of treatment. Personal, professional, progressive care is my immediate priority. Healthcare is very personal business, so should be the relationship you establish with your dentist.

Petrie Advanced Dental is also a progressive office where we implement the latest proven materials and techniques in the care we render. I have a sworn oath to care and heal my fellow man, brother, and community. Call it the physicians oath. I consider myself not just lucky, but blessed and privileged, to do what I do. I place my heart and soul into the people I care for and work with. The work we do and the team I work with are exceptional.

Outside the office, travel, nature, and history have always been my passions. I most enjoy boating, snow skiing, running, mountain climbing, wake boarding, and motorcycling (when I am able to). I am excited to be back in the PNW to fish and crab again and show my children the way of life I grew up with. Cheers!