Braces at Petrie Advanced Dental

For most people, achieving a healthy, beautiful smile is the reason for choosing to receive orthodontic care. If you’re self-conscious about your smile, having braces will greatly improve the way you look and feel.

When your treatment is complete, you will have the smile you’ve always dreamed of as well as the confidence to show it off! We also want you to feel comfortable and confident throughout your entire orthodontic experience, so our practice is dedicated to making sure that you receive the quality care you deserve.

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Orthodontic appliances are made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. They may be removable or they may be brackets bonded to the teeth. By placing a constant, gentle force in a carefully controlled direction, braces slowly move teeth to the proper position.

Gone are the days when a metal band with a bracket was placed around each tooth. You can now choose from brackets that are clear or metallic, and in some cases, the color of your appliance. Wires are far less noticeable, and the latest materials are designed to move teeth faster with more comfort. Today, any age is a great age to wear braces!

Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontics for adults is just as necessary—if not more—than for adolescents. Occlusion based dentistry is paramount for the long-term fundamental health of the teeth. Malocclusion is one of the leading causes of premature tooth loss due to the destructive forces of bruxism and clenching. A properly set bite and aligned teeth can greatly slow this process and help set you up for a lifetime of healthy, natural teeth that are your own!

A certified Preferred Provider of Invisalign in Tacoma, Dr. Petrie is also on the faculty board managing and teaching a group of Northwest dentists on the use of Invisalign. This, along with the use of advanced imaging technology and accelerated treatments, allow our patients to get faster, better, and more predictable results.

Length of Treatment

Because adult bone is done growing and certain conditions and wear may have already occurred in the mouth, adult treatment may take longer than adolescent treatment. However, with the use of PROPEL Orthodontics, treatment time can be reduced by 50% or more.

Your complimentary orthodontic consultation at our Tacoma dental office entails a full exam, bite classification including a study of the bite, and possible scanning with our iTero® digital imaging system. Once Dr. Petrie has diagnosed your orthodontic needs, he’ll create a treatment plan that is both convenient to your lifestyle and effective in its results.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Dr. Arvind Petrie is a Preferred Invisalign Provider in Tacoma, WA!

Invisalign is a modern approach to traditional metal and ceramic bonded orthodontics. Clear aligners fit over both arches of the teeth and create gentle forces that move the teeth into proper alignment. The aligners are wore for up to two weeks at a time and changed.

Clear aligners offer the ability to perform orthodontics without looking like you have braces. No more food trapped under wires and difficulty flossing during treatment. Depending on your unique orthodontic needs, Invisalign treatment generally takes between eight and 15 months.

Anyone wanting a straighter whiter smile who doesn't want the hassle of metal wire and brackets and the cosmetic downfall that comes with them are excellent candidates for Invisalign.

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PROPEL Orthodontics

Dr. Petrie also offers PROPEL Orthodontics, a fast, gentle way to accelerate your orthodontic treatment. PROPEL can cut your Invisalign treatment time in half!

PROPEL works with your own biology by stimulating the bone surrounding your teeth, helping the teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position. This allows you to achieve your new smile faster and requires fewer visits to our Tacoma dental office. PROPEL can be completed right here at Petrie Advanced Dental and does not require any invasive surgical procedures. The treatment yields very little discomfort, and with zero recovery time, you will be able to immediately return to your normal daily routine.